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Affordable Dental Plans from Solstice AccessPlusTM

We understand the importance of having a confident smile without having to worry about the dental care costs. Solstice AccessPlusTM plans give you access to quality dental care while enjoying saving up to 40% on dental procedures. With our dental discount program you don't need to select a primary dentist or be assigned to an office roster. You can use your discount dental plan stand alone or combined with your dental insurance.

Why Choose Our Dental Discount Plans?

  • You’ll have access to a large provider network with over 2,600 dental providers in Florida
  • Hassle free - no claims to file or pay
  • Discounts on over 280 dental procedures including cosmetic, orthodontia & dental implants
  • FREE Discount Vision and Prescription Drug Plan with your dental plan purchase
  • No deductibles or annual maximum

Solstice AccessPlusTM is backed by SolsticeBenefits, Inc. a benefits corporation providing dental and vision plans. Our commitment to wellness extends beyond just providing benefits, we give you access to a wellness library with oral health tips and guides to help you keep your smile bright!

Here's What Clients Say About Solstice:

  • "We have had nothing but positive experiences with Solstice due to the ease of access that patients have in order to get the treatment that they require. My staff and myself are very pleased with the way Solstice does business." - Daniel, DDS Florida
  • "I was in terrible discomfort and needed to be seen by an oral surgeon. Solstice took the lead and arranged for me to be seen and even sent over the necessary document to have my evaluation covered. Solstice was truly concerned in helping me out." - Edmund, Florida
  • "Solstice took the time to explain my plan so that I could better take advantage of my services." - Sally, Florida
  • "Solstice is knowledgeable and personable. I'll be signing up for a plan!" - Anthony, Florida

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Save $30 today when you join our dental discount program. Take advantage of our safe and secure online enrollment.

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